Week 3

This week the topcis were wikis and google document.They are very usefull to communıcate each other and work in collaboration .I brought my laptop with me this time ,but the Internet didnt work.I just listened .I dont know anything about tools and using them .So this course is getting hard day by day .ı hope at final ı learned something.

Week 2

Actually ı dont like writing and also ı have problem with eyes ,so using computer is killing me.This week  at the beginning of the course ı was able to listen  and understand what we were doing .It was fine , but a few minutes because of the too noise ı couldnt understand anything and ı felt very angry .Unfortunately,there was nothting to do.At the end ı did something and ı was happy. Noise is the big problem and everytime some people ask questions before the teacher explain the topic .I think this is the reason is of noise and chaos

In this video,the speaker is Ammy Cuddy and she is a social phsychologist.She talks what body language means ,what our body language means to other or otherwise,ect.

She says that people are interested with others’ body language and ı agree with her.The reason is that body language causes us to make some judgements about people such as in privates and business lives ;for example,who we can hire for a position.

Also she mentions powerful and powerless people.They behave from each others.

Shortly,body language is important and affects our lives in a bad or good way.

Thinks about CALL

The more the technology has developed  the more like the other fields the education system has to benefit from the tecnology ,first of all computers and the Internet . As a result ,teachers should know these and apply to the courses. Thanks to CALL , teachers can learn lots of helpfull things and use them in their class. As a future teacher, I like the computers and to spend time on the Internet,but this year I have some problem with my eyes so it will be a bit tiring for me .Neverthless,certainly,this course will be so helpful because at the first lesson ,ı learned new things and at the end of the term ı hope ı will have learned a lot of new things and ı wish ı use them on english teaching.